A person’s walk in this world is short and it should be as dignified and joyful as possible. Everyone could leave their mark.

Our family has jobs and a home in the city, but surprisingly, we find ourselves spending most of our free time in Morna. There is always work to do here, but it is also a holiday for us.

Berry wines have been made in Estonia for a long time, but growing grapes and making wine from them has really got going in the last 25 years. The plants that have grown in the harsh northern conditions produce grapes with a particularly colourful bouquet of flavours and after lots of testing and hard work, we have managed to use them for making higher quality and more exciting wines.


We want to preserve the old traditions, such as continuing with our own local assortment of wines, but we also want to seek, discover, try and share completely new flavours. Using the Pinot Noir grapes ripened on the slopes of Mulgimaa as well as currants, birch sap, rhubarb and so on – there are so many interesting possibilities!

It’s important to us to know how our predecessors made wine whilst using the most contemporary and cleanest ways of picking the grapes, and natural methods and technologies of making and preserving wine.

You are welcome to Mornamaa!

Gavronski family

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